Last night’s tea

So, our new years resolution was to do a Saturday Kitchen recipe WITH matching wine every month.  We managed to do January’s just in time, 30th January 2015.

Fillet of beef isn’t a favourite of ours, but as we are in Japanese January it would be remiss of us not to try Hamish Brown’s Beef fillet with black-pepper miso and pickled Japanese mushroom salad.  The beef was from Hilltop Farm, just down the road from us, their beef is the best, beautiful texture and really tasty, so much beef these days has no flavour, this has loads.  For once I managed to follow the recipe and no adaptions were made, unless you count the wilted spinach that we cooked as well….which I don’t.

The Wine!


And the food


And in true Rick Stein style, the empty plate…………………….


It was delicious, the wine did go well with the food and I didn’t overcook the beef!  There was far too much miso paste for the beef, but the leftovers will be used for miso soup this week, yum!